About Us

TAXI 4 You founded in May 2013, aims to make commuting in and around Puducherry easier for corporates, tourists and locals, by tapping existing and new resources as per the demand of the market. The main concept of the company is to marry existing supply and demand for transportation of the people in addition to give superior quality of traveling experience. We enable existing TAXI owners and drivers to generate additional customers, by offering their services through TAXI 4 You.


For the end customerTAXI 4 You will be the one point contact for all their transport needs.


The founders of TAXI 4 You combine extensive experience in domestic as well as International business scenarios and apply modern aspects of customer service and organizational skills to embrace local requirements, trends and demands. Having taken experiences from global organizations, we commit to the welfare of the employees, partners and the stakeholders and realize it to be paramount for the success and wellbeing of TAXI 4 You. The end customers' interest and satisfaction can be met only by a strong professional team.